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News From Home

// Netta Ashery & Tom Kohen

// Created for “To the Glory” – Local Souvenirs exhibition // Benyamini Contemporary Ceramics Center // 2019

Jerusalem Blvd, the main street in Jaffa, has witnessed revolutions, wars, the fall of empires, architectural styles, and shifts in the community. Nowadays, the boulevard is in the midst of another change, as this period's leaders choose to destroy and rebuild. 

In this reality, the question "who was here first" often dictates the future, and the earth seems to shift at a rapid pace. This project suggests a multi-layered souvenir of the boulevard, telling different stories of many voices. 

The boulevard is our home, but also a well-toured area with many mass-produced souvenirs made in china. Commenting on the boulevard's biography and community, we chose to create an endless set of tableware. Made of ready-made plates from the local flea market, and original decals, presenting a collage of past and present, inviting locals and strangers to the great feast of Jaffa's everyday life.

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